Workshop Technician - Apprentice Scheme

The Tank Museum apprenticeship scheme has been successfully operating since 2017 and runs in conjunction with the Heritage Skills Academy in Bicester. You will be working towards vehicle mechanical technician level 3 over a 42-month period, dividing your time between attending block release at Bicester Academy and learning skills on the job in our newly built state of the art workshop at The Tank Museum, Bovington.

The Heritage skills academy has gained international recognition as the UK’s centre of excellence for historic motoring and aviation. For apprentices lucky enough to become part of Heritage skills academy the location provides an exciting and vibrant environment where you will be a part of the world of specialist engineers and cutting-edge technology. Heritage Skills Academy brings experts together from across the ‘Restoration Industry’ who are committed to preserving the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm required to maintain and restore the world’s finest historical vehicles.

The programme has been designed by the UK’s leading employers and was approved for delivery in August 2018. Its purpose; to preserve the skills and knowledge which were fading away over the past 30 years and replace modern qualifications which lacked the depth and breadth required to teach the traditional skills and knowledge required by the heritage industry.

The Vehicle Mechanical Technician apprentice route consists of: Core Knowledge and skills, Sector Specific Knowledge & Skills, Behaviours essential within the industry

The Tank Museum will be recruiting for September 2021. You will need to have a good standard of education and an aptitude for practical skills, a keen interest in military history would be desirable. Initial application is through the Heritage Skills Academy where you will be asked to complete an online application form. Selected applicants will be interviewed at The Tank Museum.

For further details and to apply